What areas do you cover?

We work in a 20-mile radius of Bentley, Hampshire GU10 5BF. We cover much of the Surrey Hills, South Downs and parts of Berkshire. We also cover periphery addresses of Weybridge, Cobham, Esher and Oxshott. 

What’s the booking process?

Get in touch via email or call us and we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve with your car, ensure we can help and then arrange an initial inspection of your vehicle to provide a tailored quote. Following acceptance of the quote we will book you a convenient timeslot. For more detail about our Booking Process download here.

Are your pre booking inspections and quotes free?

Yes. We will have to do some due diligence over the phone with you to ensure we’re in a good place to help and ensure the booking prerequisites can be covered off in advance. But this helps to keep things keep things efficient for both parties.

What prerequisites for booking are there?

We are generally a mobile business. We come to you. So we need to ensure:

  • Location is within 20 miles of GU105BF
  • Location is suitable for the service were carrying out. 
  • That there is appropriate access to electricity and water. 
  • That there is enough space to erect a car gazebo if required.

We also like to make sure you have a rough idea of our pricing structure and understand the process for booking.

We will need to have an opportunity to inspect the car to provide the quote before any job is accepted by us.

Once you’ve inspected, provided the quote and I want to proceed. What next?

The next step is to book an appropriate timeslot for the work to be carried out. We take a 25% non-refundable booking fee of the total price to confirm a booking. 

What if I need to cancel our booking? 

Our cancellation policy can be found here. You can reschedule if you’ve provided at least 48hrs notice.  We offer this once, so we don’t end up in a continual cycle of rescheduling time.

Why do you charge a non-refundable booking fee you’ve not done any work?

We can only work on and book in one job at a time. If that time goes due to cancellation we don’t have enough time to replace the booking.

What happens if you cancel or you arrive and you can’t do the work? 

We do our very best for this not to happen through ensuring the site is suitable and inspecting the car. But there are sometimes things out of our control such as adverse weather conditions. As heavy duty as our Gazebo’s are, having them up in a storm with your pride and joy underneath is not advisable.  At this point we will look to reschedule the booking. 

What if I decide after you’ve started I want to add additional services?

If we can fit it in, we will accommodate. We try to leave a little buffer time around each job. Any additional services will need to be quoted for and then accepted in writing by you. This can usually be done quickly by adding to the job sheet and signing the amendment and agreed cost. If not, we will discuss with you the best option, but we don’t do add on services on their own. For example, if you decide you wanted to add a full interior detail, but there wasn’t time to fit that in this job, we couldn’t come back just for the interior detail. This is why we will be quite thorough with you to help make the right choices initially.

How do I pay?

We accept, cash, bank transfer, and card payments.

How long do car details take?

To a certain extent its “how long isa piece of string”. The more time we have the more we can achieve, but as a starting point our Classic detail package is approximately 8-10 hours and designed in standard form to be completed in one day. Depending on your requirements, it may be that we add additional days to the service, or add specific defined services. This will also increase the amount of time required. For some customers where they have an appropriate car indoor storage, we can work for several weeks on a car. But this isn’t where most customers sit.

 Will you be able to remove scratches from my car? 

Some scratches we will but some we won’t. By polishing the clearcoat we are effectively removing enough clear coat to flatten the surface. There is only so much we can safely remove. Anything you can feel if you run your nail over is likely too deep. Sometimes these can be “improved” to be less noticeable with polish and a good wax. 

What about the swirl marks and hazing on my car?

These are micro scratches and often we will be able to remove most of this dependent upon time. The process of removing the micro scratches does put some back in but ultimately the idea is less and smaller. We’re also governed by how much time we have, the condition of your paintwork, the paint system used etc. Some paint correction can take 20 hours + on its own. Our classic we budget for around 3.5 hours using different grades of compounds and polishes always finishing with a fine finishing polish and appropriate pad.

How do you stop polish marks going on plastic trims?

We use masking tape and paper to all at risk areas. Having good machine control and using the right amount of product helps. But ultimately this is the only way to significantly reduce the risk of those horrible polish marks on plastic (or on soft tops). It does take some extra time to do this.

Once I’ve had my car detailed can you do maintenance cleans?

Yes, we offer a bespoke maintenance programme based on the products used in the initial detail and your requirements. All with the aim to keep your car looking in top condition. We have minimum slots of 1.5 details and can be weekly, monthly quarterly intervals. The service is paid on a monthly subscription.