Diavoli Detailing

Additional services and product upgrades

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Time plays a major factor in what can be achieved during a detail.   A full day (typically 8-10 hours) is the average for general needs working to a dedicated time schedule.  Simply put, the time allocated dictates how clean we can get the vehicle, how many defects can be removed and how much shine can be restored and the types of products that can be used.

We can increase the time allocated to each key area and add additional days as required to deliver the results you want to achieve.  We will itemise and cost additional services in your quotation for you to select as appropriate.

For example, some cars may require significantly longer and additional polishing stages to refine paint to achieve the required results. Additionally, long term ceramic coatings will generally need more preparation time to apply effectively. If your wheels haven’t been regularly maintained or have baked on contamination you may want to consider additional time including a full “wheels off” service, or if your interior condition needs attention add an in-depth interior detail.

  • Additional polishing stages
  • Convertible roof deep clean and waterproofing
  • Interior Detail
  • Engine bay detail
  • Wheels off Deep clean
  • Headlight restoration
  • Stain removals
  • Wire wheel polishing

  • Ceramic coatings
  • Ultra-premium Wax Sealants
  • Long-term plastic reviver
  • Glass sealants
  • Fabric sealants
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